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Website design

The goal of a website isn't to look pretty, creative or unique.
It's purpose is to let it's visitors know exactly what it's offering, the benefits they can derive from it, and how to act on it. In order for it to be received efficiently, it's presentation must be fluid, intuitive & inspiring, leaving the visitors no other choice but to trust it. This is what you can expect from me.

Easy to navigate interface

Great user experience

Visual hierarchy

For all screen sizes

Customized to your brand

Website developing

Your design can be amazing, but if it doesn't perform well, it's pointless.
After finishing the design process, we have to move on to developing. Here we'll optimize everything and make sure that your website
is running buttery smooth.

Responsive design (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Advanced interactions/ transitions

Clean & structured CSS

Latest web standards

Optimized & Fast
loading times

Website launch

We've finished designing & developing your website.
Now we'll have to see where you're going to host your website. But no worries, I'll guide you through the whole process and find out which CMS best suits  your needs. (Webflow, Shopify, Wordpress, Netlify, Ghost, etc.)

Setting up the domain

CMS walkthrough

Scalable Hosting

Third party integrations

SSL certificate (if needed)

One month free assistance (post launch)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Do you want people to find you when they look you up?
If you said yes, then you need the proper SEO services. I'll help you find the keywords that best fit the product or service that you're offering & which are also being searched by others. Remember, a website that can't be found isn't a very useful website.

Fast loading times

Optimized media (e.g. Photos; Videos; GIF's)

Relevant titles
& meta-descriptions
for every page

Install web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics; HotJar; Google Tag Manager)

Link-building plan.


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